Report: 3D PCs soon to boom

Within a few years, your PC may well be equipped with 3D capabilities, according to Jon Peddie Research. But don't forget the special monitor and glasses.

Larry Dignan

First, there were 3D TVs. Next up: 3D PCs trickle out in 2010 and then ramp in 2011 and 2012, according to Jon Peddie Research.

In a report on the Stereo 3D PC market, Jon Peddie Research argues that 1 million 3D PCs will ship in 2010 and surge to 75 million units by 2014. Simply put, 3D will become a standard feature in your PC in four years.

Here's the breakdown of projections:

Stereo 3D PC chart

And here's the hedge from Jon Peddie Research:

Although most PCs will be S3D capable due to the GPUs that are in them, not all PCs will be S3D PCs because they need a special monitor, glasses, and appropriate content.

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