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Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse targets Diablo III gamers

Razer's Naga Hex gaming mouse is designed for click-fest action RPG games.

LAS VEGAS--Razer seems to have mastered the art of launching its input devices in time with the release of anticipated PC games.


Its new gaming mouse, the Naga Hex, is ostensibly designed for all action RPGs. Its six thumb-side buttons looks perfect for mapping to the litany of commands common to the genre. Given the assumed first-quarter release of Diablo III, it seems clear that Razer has that particular game in mind. Razer also mentions the Naga Hex as a fit for the MOBA genre (multiplayer online battle arena), which includes competitive multiplayer games like Riot Games' popular League of Legends.

Timing its product release to a specific game follows closely with the Star Wars: The Old Republic mouse, keyboard, and headset Razer launched last year, as well as the previous iterations of the Naga mouse Razer tied to updates to Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The Naga Hex is not an explicitly branded product, but it's also a brand-new mouse design for Razer, which should reassure those who find Razer's branded efforts offer little more than a more expensive reskin of existing Razer products.

For specs, Razer says the Naga Hex has 11 programmable buttons overall, a 5,600 dpi laser sensor with 1,000MHz polling. Those are typical features for an upper-tier gaming mouse. New here is the capability to register more than 250 clicks a minute, perfect for notorious click-fest action RPGs.

Razer says it's accepting preorders for the $79.95 Naga Hex now, and that it expects to ship the mouse to customers at the end of January. Global retail availability comes in March.