Rational tests e-commerce apps

Rational Software rolls out a new suite of testing tools designed to let companies make sure their Java applications and e-commerce services work as intended.

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E-commerce and the Internet are getting a good ration of testing tools.

Rational Software in Cupertino, California, is rolling out a new suite of testing tools designed to let companies make sure their Java applications and e-commerce services work as intended.

Called Rational TeamTest 7, the latest version of the firm's testing software comes with tools for e-commerce, iterative test management against project requirements, and deeper integration with other Rational tools like the recently announced PerformanceStudio for load testing, and DevelopmentDeskTop for reliability testing.

"We were especially interested in single automated software quality [testing systems] that could test the Java in any browser, as well as our C++ and Visual Basic components," said Aretha Adams, software quality assurance engineer at DuPont Photomasks. "We surveyed the market for a good electronic commerce testing [systems], and Rational's TeamTest 7 is the first we found that did a reliable job with Java and Dynamic HTML."

Rational's new e-commerce testing tools are designed to let users test Java and Dynamic HTML products in a browser in the manner an end-user would actually use the application. The system records the activity of the Java application so engineers and developers can play back the activity and make changes as needed.

The testing tool also takes advantage of the World Wide Web Consortium's Document Object Model, a standard object modeling system developed by the Internet standards organization.

"Previous testing technologies have treated HTML Web pages as static environments and have not worked accurately for e-commerce, where most Web pages are generated automatically in response to interaction with the Web-site visitor," said Rational executives in a prepared statement. "Rational TeamTest 7 correctly tests every user transaction uniquely, because it uses object technology to correctly identify all the properties [such as target links] of Dynamic HTML objects."

The product is scheduled to be ready the first quarter of 1999 for approximately $3,995. Rational is still considering whether to give free upgrades to customers of Rational SQA Suite TeamTest 6.1 with active maintenance agreements.

In related news, Rational will also announce next week that its Rational Robot 7 testing software will be used internally by PeopleSoft to test PeopleSoft's Java client and Web-based self-service applications. The announcement will be made at PeopleSoft's user group conference being held next week in San Francisco.