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"Thin CRT" notebooks on way

Silicon Video is accelerating notebook PC displays based on an entirely new "thin CRT" technology.

Silicon Video is accelerating delivery of notebook PC displays based on an entirely new "thin CRT" technology with a $55 million cash infusion from Hewlett-Packard, Compaq Computer, and other investors.

Thin CRTs employ the same basic technology as a television or desktop PC monitor but in a quarter-inch form. Thin CRTs are designed to compete with active matrix LCDs.

Silicon Video is one of the most promising U.S. flat-panel display companies in an industry now dominated by Japanese and Korean liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturers. The U.S. company's approach is radically different from that of LCD technology manufacturers and is expected to result in large, relatively inexpensive flat-panel displays.

Silicon Video's strategy calls for a two-phase "scale-up" strategy for manufacture of these displays, resulting in the production of the first notebook-class thin-CRT displays in 1997, the company said.

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