QNAP debuts Atom dual-core-based NAS servers

QNAP shows off its first Intel Atom dual-core-based NAS servers at CES 2010.

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QNAP's new Atom dual-core-based NAS servers on display at CES 2010 Dong Ngo/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Less than a month after Intel launched its redesigned Atom processor, the Atom D-510 dual-core, QNAP is now the first vendor to introduce new NAS servers powered by the new Intel chip.

The company showed off at CES four new high-performance Turbo NAS servers: the TS-259 Pro, TS-459 Pro, TS-659 Pro, and TS-859 Pro, which is a QNAP exclusive as it's the only eight-bay server on the market.

QNAP TS-259 Pro NAS server (photos)

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According to Richard Lee, QNAP CEO and president, all of these NAS servers have been certified as compatible with VMware's vSphere4 (ESX 4.0) virtualization platform and are designed for departmental file sharing, storage, and advanced server applications for business environments.

VMware's vSphere is a cloud operating system that offers a way to reduce IT costs and increase responsiveness. Shared networked storage is an essential component of a cloud computing infrastructure.

The new Turbo NAS series comes with the new version 3.2 of the QNAP NAS management software, which offers a vast array of features, including really advanced features for businesses like the iSCSI service and SPC-3 Persistent Reservation for clustering in VMware and Windows Server 2008.

Of all the new servers, the one that average consumers should get most excited about is the TS-259 Pro, which is the upgrade of the TS-239 Pro, which has been reviewed by CNET and was one of the best NAS servers we'd ever seen. The TS-259 Pro promises to perform even better than the TS-239 Pro did.

The new Turbo NAS servers from QNAP will be available in January. All of them will be sold without storage included and will cost $599 (TS-259 Pro), $899 (TS-459 Pro), $1,199 (TS-659 Pro), and $1,499 (TS-859 Pro).