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Purported iPhone 5S pictures point to graphite shade

The company is reportedly going to launch a gray iPhone 5S to complement the black, white, and rumored champagne model, according to a report.

Purported graphite iPhone 5S
Blogger Sonny Dickson says Apple is planning a gray or graphite version of the as yet unannounced iPhone 5S.
Sonny Dickson

Apple might not limit itself to three iPhone 5S versions after all.

The company is planning to launch a fourth iPhone 5S model that won't come in the standard black or white, according to Apple tracker Sonny Dickson. He posted images to his blog on Monday featuring what he claims, is a new gray or "graphite" iPhone 5S, with black trim. Dickson didn't say how he obtained the images, but says that the gray model will accompany the black, white, and rumored champagne-colored version when it launches next month.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Apple is at work on new colors for its iPhone 5S. Earlier this month, reports suggested that Apple will launch a "gold" iPhone 5S that will feature a champagne-like coloring. Whether the gray or graphite model will accompany that version is unknown.

Furthermore, one should take the Dickson report with a grain of salt. Apple has not confirmed it has plans for new iPhone colors, and it's not clear from the photos whether the pictured device is actually something the company will launch.

Luckily, though, we probably won't have long to wait -- Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone on Sept. 10.

You can see all of Dickson's iPhone 5S pictures here.