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Processor price war breaks out

A price fight is raging between Intel and AMD, with rival processors Celeron and K6-2 slashed accordingly.

A price fight is raging between Intel and AMD--in the latest round Intel slashes Celeron prices and AMD counters with K6-2 cuts. In this corner, AMD is feeling the pain while analysts wonder what the long-term effects will be on Intel.

AMD cuts to match Intel
update The processor price war continues today as Advanced Micro Devices cut prices on its K6-2 processors by 10 to 24 percent in an effort to match Celeron cuts.

Intel fuels the fire with Celeron cuts
Intel cuts prices on its line of low-cost Celeron chips, causing some analysts to wonder what the effect of this aggressive low-end strategy will be.

AMD warns of operating loss
Sales of AMD shares were halted after the company says it may suffer an operating loss for the quarter.

Stocks fall across tech market
Shares in computer makers and other companies fall, partly because of a looming processor price war.

Early Pentium III sales anger Intel
Intel's legal department is looking into ways of stopping it, but there doesn't seem to be much to do.