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Power announces deep price cuts

Exiting the Mac market, Power Computing will reduce prices by as much as $400 and upgrade RAM by up to 64MB.

Power Computing announced immediate price cuts and memory upgrades for midrange and high-end desktops.

As reported by CNET's NEWS.COM last week, the direct-sales manufacturer will reduce prices by as much as $400 and upgrade RAM by up to 64MB on PowerTower Pro and PowerCenter Pro systems.

For example, a PowerTower Pro 225 with a 225-MHz 604e PowerPC processor and 32MB of memory was priced at $2,595, but will be priced at $2,199 for a system with 96MB of memory. The PowerTower Pro 250 with 128MB of memory will be priced at $3,299.

Six models will be affected. Power has already cut prices on low-end systems by up to $300.

The move follows the September 2 announcement that Apple Computer had purchased back Power's right to sell Macintosh clones. Power, which will henceforth make Intel-based PCs, must sell its Mac clone inventory by December 31, 1997.

Power will support its systems through the end of the year, after which time Apple will honor Power warranties and provide servicing.

In tandem with last week's news that Motorola also will exit the Mac market, Power's departure is expected to spur clone sales, while Apple sales are likely to droop.