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Plug pulled on auction of dot-com doom site

Owner Philip Kaplan cancels all bids on eBay for his irreverent Web site and asks potential buyers to contact him directly.

The auction for FuckedCompany.com is no more.

Site owner Philip Kaplan canceled all bids last night and ended the auction, pointing potential buyers directly to his Web site.

"Took the auction off of eBay," Kaplan said in a note on his Web site. "Interested parties, contact me and tell me who you are."

Kaplan did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

Kaplan ended the auction just two days after it began. Although bidding had reached $10 million, at least two people contacted by CNET News.com said their bids were pranks. And, prior to the auction's cancellation, several other people retracted their bids, saying they were not serious bidders.

Kaplan's site, which posts rumors and news about failing dot-com companies, has become a frequent destination for media members and industry insiders.