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Playboy Online revenues double

The online unit of Playboy Enterprises reports that its third-quarter revenues doubled from a year ago, citing "significant increases" in e-commerce and its subscriber base.

Playboy Online, a unit of Playboy Enterprises, today reported that its third-quarter revenues doubled to $1.8 million from $900,000 a year ago, citing "significant increases" in e-commerce and its subscriber base.

The figures provide further evidence of Playboy's growth on the Web, as it seeks to offset the slower growth of its flagship monthly magazine. The company has been working to expand its Web presence, and it also is seeking to tap the women's online market by negotiating yet-to-be-announced deals with various women's sites.

As a result of its continuing investments in content and technology, however, Playboy Online posted a $2.1 million operating loss. The loss compares with a narrower $500,000 operating loss reported for the same period last year.

Page views on were 56.4 million in September. Subscribers to Playboy Cyber Club, totaled more than 29,000 at the end of September.

The online unit's parent, Playboy Enterprises, today released details of the company's third-quarer net loss, which was previously announced. The net loss totaled $2.7 million or 13 cents per share, compared with a net profit of $1.1 million or 5 cents per share posted for the like period a year ago. Companywide revenue rose 11 percent to $75.7 million.