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Pixsy offers video search for the people

Start-up lets Web sites and blogs embed customized video and image searches.

Search engine start-up Pixsy is offering a way for Web sites and blogs to embed customized video and image search into their sites.

Under the Pixsy Power syndication service, a golf Web site could, for example, put a search engine on its site that grabs only video or images tagged with sports-related keywords such as "golf" or "Tiger Woods," said Chase Norlin, Pixsy co-founder and chief executive.

The site could then make additional revenue off ads related to the search, he said. The results page is hosted by Pixsy, which then shares a percentage of the ad revenue.

Pixsy avoids any copyright issues by displaying only thumbnails of the images and video images in the results and thumbnails have been ruled by a court as a "fair use" of copyright material, Norlin said.

Pixsy also distributes its search engine to publisher Web sites. For instance, on Tuesday, Pixsy announced a deal to power the video search on portal EVTV1.com.

Online video search is one of the hottest areas, as evidenced by Google's $1.65 billion stock acquisition of popular video-sharing site YouTube last week.