Pitfalls of e-commerce

Competition is hot between banks and brokers for market share in the Net financial space, but technical troubles plague many firms.

CNET News staff
Competition is heating up between banks and brokerages for market share in the online personal financial services space, but technical troubles still plague many firms.

Another glitch in BofA Net service
Additional maintenance to the bank's Web site caused the second service glitch in a week.

Delays for BofA customers online
Users of Bank of America's online banking service experience a delay in accessing their accounts due to a technology upgrade.

Banks to Jupiter: Back at you
Bankers fire a return salvo at research that warns bankers stand to lose market share to online brokerages.

Study: Net brokers threaten banks
Discount brokers will control more than 50 percent of personal finance activity online by 2002, taking market share away from banks, a study says.

SEC to Net brokers: Shape up
Online brokerage firms need to improve customer access through the Net during periods of stock market turmoil, the SEC says in a review.