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Pinterest CEO vows to change company culture, increase diversity

The lifestyle-focused social network says it will add a person of color to the board by the end of 2020.

USA - Scenes of Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco
Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann says the company will take steps to raise awareness about racism, inclusion and bias.
Getty Images

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann has promised to address a lack of diversity at the company after two former employees accused it of racial discrimination and unfair pay.

Silbermann plans to add a person of color to the company's board by year's end and raise Pinterest's awareness about racism, inclusion and bias, according to an email sent to employees and seen by Bloomberg.

"What I've learned over the past few weeks is that parts of our culture are broken. Truthfully, I didn't understand just how much work we have to do," wrote Silbermann. "Most importantly, I still believe that we can make Pinterest a company where Black employees, people from all underrepresented groups and everyone will be proud to work for."

The email follows allegations this week from two former employees, both black women, who said they were underpaid and faced issues of discrimination while working on the policy team at the lifestyle-focused social network.

A Pinterest spokesperson confirmed that the email obtained by Bloomberg was sent to employees.