Photos: Motorola at CES

CNET brings you photos of Motorola's new cell phones at CES.

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Kent German

Motorola phones at CES

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Compared with last year, Motorola is having a quieter CES. While a year ago the company held a high-energy media event at the swank Wynn Hotel to announce its media-friendly phones, in 2009 the company announced its new handsets via a news release even before CES began.

Yet, that's not to say the new models aren't notable. First off, is the Motorola Surf A3100. This touch-screen smartphone offers Windows Mobile 6.1 and a selection of multimedia features. The Moto Tundra VA76r is a rugged push-to-talk phone for AT&T. Besides enduring bumps and bruises, it also has Assisted-GPS. Lastly is the Motorola Renew W233. The basic phone is green in more ways than one. Not only does it sport a green skin, but also it is made from recycled water bottles. Check out our Motorola CES slide show for the three phones on all their glory.