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Photo supposedly shows iPhone 5 assembled from leaked parts

As rumors of the imminent arrival of an iPhone 5 continue, a photo appears of a device allegedly pieced together with escaped components.

iLab Factory

Has someone assembled a more or less complete example of the next iPhone -- or at least the outside of it -- from leaked parts? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But that's the story accompanying a photo of the alleged build, which is making the rounds of the gadget and tech blogs today.

The shot apparently first appeared on the Asian site iLab Factory before being picked up by 9to5 Mac and finding its place in the Western blogosphere. iLab also posted photos of supposedly authentic individual components for the iPhone 5.

The iLab shot shown above includes what appears to be a smaller Dock connector, and, perhaps, a headphone jack on the bottom of the device -- purported changes reported by Reuters earlier this week.

Of course, reports of leaked parts (and indeed entire phones) are nothing if not expected when it comes to the iPhone 5, and Tim Cook's cryptic remark -- during Apple's recent earnings call -- about "a reasonable amount" of anticipation for a future product certainly won't help to quiet rumors.

Speaking of which, CNET has a whole compilation of iPhone 5 rumors here.

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