PeopleSoft wires the money

The maker of business software lines the U.S. Mint with its integrated suite of financials, manufacturing, and supply chain management applications.

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PeopleSoft is in the money.

The Pleasanton, California-based maker of business software lined the U.S. Mint's entire operation with its integrated suite of financials, manufacturing, and supply chain management applications. The Mint is the first federal government agency to be up and running on an enterprise resource planning software package.

"We are pleased to accomplish this important milestone," said Philip N. Diehl, director of the U.S. Mint. "Our business process reengineering and systems integration initiatives are strategic investments in improving our operational efficiency and performance."

The Mint, which coined the name Consolidated Information System, or COINS, for the project, implemented 15 PeopleSoft modules at its six sites in Washington, Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, West Point, New York, and of course, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The modules included financial management, project management, sales and logistics, and production management.

With 2,200 employees, the 206-year-old U.S. Mint is responsible for manufacturing all U.S. coins and distributes coins to the Federal Reserve banks and branches and maintains the protection and custody of the country's $100 billion in gold and silver assets. It also makes and sells commemorative coins and platinum, gold, and silver bullion coins. The operations amount to the agency being a Fortune-500 size firm with more than $1 billion in annual revenues, not counting what it manufacturers.

Diehl said the project is meant to automate and streamline the manufacturing and distribution operations of the agency to make the Mint more efficient and to improve its customer service. It was also necessary that PeopleSoft and the agency implemented the software quickly to beat a looming Year 2000 problem.

The software was implemented in less than a year and in time for the Mint's production of new quarters commemorating each of the 50 U.S. states and new Susan B. Anthony-like dollar coins commemorating Lewis and Clark guide Sacagawea.

And it's the Mint's new PeopleSoft software system that is to help get the coins into circulation.

"The U.S. Mint is a marquee model of how an organization can effectively utilize technology to enhance and meet critical business objectives, not only doing things right, but doing the right things," said Dave Duffield, PeopleSoft chief executive and founder.