Penguin Computing gets new sales chief

Charles Wuischpard, an IBM veteran, has 'aggressive revenue goals' for the Linux computer maker.

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Charles Wuischpard Charles Wuischpard

Penguin Computing has hired Charles Wuischpard, a 16-year veteran of IBM and most recently GoldenGate Software's sales chief, to be senior vice president of sales and services, the San Francisco-based company said Tuesday. Wuischpard will be responsible for "driving aggressive revenue goals for Penguin Computing in the Web infrastructure and Linux cluster markets," the company said in a statement.

Wuischpad replaces Bill Cook, who joined the company in May 2005 but left on good terms to lead a start-up, Penguin computing spokeswoman Pamela Sufi said. Penguin got its start selling systems running the open-source Linux operating system, but it expanded its domain into compute clusters with the 2003 acquisition of Scyld Computing.