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PayPal, seal deal

The online payment company makes arrangements with that will allow users of its services to buy and print U.S. postage from their accounts.

PayPal users will be able to buy and print U.S. postage from their accounts, thanks to a deal the company signed Monday with

PayPal's main service allows consumers to buy and sell products online without using credit cards or checks.

The postage service will be part of PayPal's shipping feature, launched in June. It will allow sellers to calculate the exact amount of postage required and print a shipping label with the buyer's information. Another feature will allow sellers to verify delivery of their shipments online.

PayPal said its new shipping tools would be available for the holiday season. Financial details of the deal were not released.

Mountain View, Calif.-based PayPal, which was acquired by auction giant eBay earlier this month, will report second-quarter results Tuesday. Analysts are expecting the company to post a profit of 8 cents per share on sales of $53.5 million, according to First Call.