Parallels goes bare-metal on Apple's Xserve

New version of Parallels Server for Mac is aimed at companies standardizizing on Mac hardware and at cloud services providers eyeing Mac OS X capabilities.

Matthew Broersma Special to CNET News

Parallels has introduced a bare-metal virtualization product for Apple's Xserve that allows Windows and Linux virtual machines to run side-by-side with the Mac OS X operating system.

Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition, unveiled Wednesday at the Parallels Summit 2010 in Miami, is aimed at companies wishing to standardize on Mac hardware and at cloud services providers that want to add Mac OS X capabilities, the company said.

The company's original virtualization product for Xserve allowed instances of Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows to run as virtual machines on top of an OS X host. With the new product, those virtual machines can all run directly on the Xserve's hardware, with a hypervisor present to co-ordinate the different guests.

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