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Paper app for iPad hits 1.5M downloads in 2 weeks

Users have created 7 million pages so far with the free app. Developer calls the response more than "overwhelming."

Paper has proven quite popular.
Paper has proven quite popular.
Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Former Microsoft employees who worked on the ill-fated Courier dual-screen tablet and started their own mobile-development house have found some early success.

Developer FiftyThree announced on its blog yesterday that its sketchpad and ideas app Paper has hit 1.5 million downloads in its first two weeks of availability. In addition, the company said a total of 7 million pages have been created so far with the app.

"To say the response has been overwhelming would be an understatement," FiftyThree wrote on its blog. "For a tool that we made for ourselves, we're thrilled to find 1.5 million other like-minded creators out there."

FiftyThree was established in the wake of Microsoft shuttering Pioneer Studios, the company that was supposed to build "brand driven consumer experiences for Microsoft's entertainment business: Xbox, Zune, Mobile, and emerging areas." Among FiftyThree's leaders are Georg Petschnigg, co-founder of Pioneer studios, and Jon Harris, a designer who worked on Zune, Xbox, and other Microsoft products.

Paper is for free in Apple's App Store. The iPad application lets users sketch ideas or drawings and then share them via e-mail, Tumblr, or social networks.