Panasonic aims to protect TVs from flying Wiimotes

Panasonic engineers are toughening up TV screens to better protect them from flying Wii remotes.

Tito Estrada
Tito Estrada Staff writer, CNET News
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Wii aficionados are having a smashing good time these days--at their TVs' expense.

Gamers need to get a grip, literally. It seems quite a few virtual golfers are turning their Wiimotes into Wii projectiles, damaging their beloved plasma and LCD TV screens in the process. Now, Panasonic engineers are coming to the rescue.

The company is working on reinforcing the screens by applying old-style TV tube-making technology, says New Scientist.

In a demonstration, Panasonic hung a steel ball on the end of a cord and let it swing against a screen to simulate an impact equivalent to the Wii remote being hurled at the screen from across a room.

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