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Overture improves ad tools

Overture Services, a commercial search provider, said it updated its tools for advertisers last weekend, giving them more opportunities to reach customers. The Pasadena, Calif.-based company added two new features, called "broad match" and "phrase match," for linking more visitor queries to advertisers' products and services. In one example of its changes, marketers can bid for keywords such as "diamond ring" and have them linked to visitor searches on broader queries, such as "gold and diamond ring," without added work or money. Marketers pay only when visitors click on the links in search results. It also allows advertisers to exclude terms from matches, such as "Lord of the Rings."

In addition, Overture added reporting features to its advertising tools so that marketers can track campaigns daily and with details of how each type of match is performing. "We're giving advertisers more leads with less effort," said John Slade, director of product management for Overture, which Yahoo is buying for an estimated $1.7 billion.