O'Reilly watches Web traffic

O'Reilly's Statisphere Web traffic analysis tool helps Net companies develop profiles of Web site visitors and what they read.

O'Reilly & Associates have come up with a Web traffic analysis tool designed to help Internet companies develop profiles of Web site visitors and what they read.

Statisphere, which will sell for $399 when it is introduced this fall, targets Internet service providers (ISPs) and operators of Internet and intranet Web sites. It is designed to "take Web traffic analysis out of the Webmasters' hands and put it onto the desktops of marketing, sales, and financial professionals," the company said.

The 32-bit product runs on Microsoft Windows 95 and NT operating systems to analyze log files generated by Windows-, Unix- and Macintosh-based Web servers, as well as others, the Sebastopol, California-based Internet publisher said.

The system reports how many users have visited a site, which "pages" are most popular, peak traffic times, and which sites referred visitors. The analysis is updated every 60 seconds, using graphs to display activity for a given day, week, or month, the company said.

Statisphere can analyze log files up to one gigabyte in size, and can monitor hundreds of items and read log files from up to 16 servers at once. It can analyze sites with more than one million hits a day without requiring custom programming. The tool, however, allows users to create custom tracking profiles. Database storage and domain name lookup capability are also built in.

O'Reilly is offering a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money back guarantee, plus some technical support.