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Oracle announces a new human resources application in its e-business line that targets midsized companies.

Oracle today announced a new human resources application in its e-business line that targets midsized companies.

Part of the Oracle FastForward line of products and services, the company said its new HR Web-based application provides and creates one central storage system for all HR information, eliminating the need for current disparate systems and improving information, access.

Oracle said it will have the new HR offering up and running for midsized businesses in 45 business days or less.

Announced at the Spring IHRIM (International Human Resource Information Management) show in Salt Lake City, Oracle's new HR offering includes the self-service HR Advantage Pack, an additional component that provides self-service functionality for employees. Through the self-service component, employees have access to their personal information, so that managers can become more self-sufficient in directly managing employee-based transactions, such as hiring and approvals.

In addition, the self-service product enables the HR department to focus on lowering costs rather than managing administrative tasks and manual processes, the company said.

The new offerings will run on Oracle 11, the company's ERP software package, and will include implementation consulting services, support, and education.

In April, the company had released its first suite of e-commerce applications targeted to the midsized business--FastForward Internet Procurement. Just last week, Oracle had unveiled a budgeting application called FastForward Budgeting, another Web-based application intended for midsized business that helps automate budgeting tasks and assist in financial forecasting.

Pricing for FastForward Human Resources starts at $172,000, the company said.