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Oracle to ship sharpened tools

The database leader will next week make good on promises to ship updates to its development tool and video server software.

Oracle will next week make good on promises to ship updates to its development tool and video server software products.

The company will deliver Oracle Enterprise Developer Suite 2.1, a bundle of its development tools previously called Web Developer Suite. Oracle has also dropped the "2000" moniker from its Designer and Developer tools.

The new suite includes Designer 2.1, Developer 2.1, and Oracle's Application Server and Oracle8 database server.

With the new suite, Oracle is focusing on application modeling, a trend that other tool makers, including Microsoft are following. Modeling allows developers to map out an application before writing any code. In Oracle's suite, the model can then be converted into Developer code, and a deployed application.

Designer 2.1 can generate models for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase Adaptive Server databases, as well as Oracle Developer, HTML, C++, and Visual Basic applications.

Developer 2.1 now includes Oracle Reports, the company's database reporting tool.

The Enterprise Developer Suite 2.1 costs $9,995 per developer.

Oracle Video Server 3.0 is an addition to Oracle's database server for storing, managing, and delivering full-motion video and audio to users' desktops.

The release will be the debut of new low-end technology for supporting video delivered over the Internet to Web browsers and Java applications, the company said.

Video Server 3.0 also includes support for technology Oracle calls "VCR in a network" which gives users VCR-like pause and seek control over real-time video feeds.

The server is intended to use delivering video over DSL (digital subscriber loop) telco networks, digital cable networks, satellite systems, standard corporate local area networks, and DVB (digital video broadcast) networks.

Also new are: scheduling tools for timing the delivery of video; real-time feed and encoding ability, based on Oracle's proposed encoding standard; digital asset management tools for stringing together audio and video content; CORBA (common object request broker architecture) support, so that Video Server applications can be linked into larger applications; and a Java-based management tool.

Video Server 3.0 is priced at $295 per concurrent video stream. Users also need a copy of Oracle's database server to use Video Server.