Oracle sues Rimini Street, alleges 'massive theft'

Rimini Street, a third-party support provider, calls Oracle's lawsuit an "attempt to forestall competition."

Larry Dignan

Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Rimini Street, a third-party support provider, alleging "massive theft of Oracle's software and related support materials through an illegal business model."

The lawsuit names Las Vegas-based Rimini Street as well as CEO Seth Ravin. In a statement, Ravin said:

I believe Oracle's actions are an attempt to forestall competition and limit market choices for its software licensees. Rimini Street offers valuable support options at more than a 50 percent savings compared to Oracle. Rimini Street's services are enjoyed by hundreds of clients around the world, including Global and Fortune 500 organizations, many government agencies, and small businesses trying to grow and hire new employees in these difficult economic times.

If this Oracle-Rimini showdown sounds vaguely familiar that's because it's similar to the battle between Oracle and TomorrowNow, which used to be a third-party support unit owned by SAP.

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