Oracle links host data, Java apps

The database software giant licenses technology to make corporate data stored on host systems accessible over the Web.

Mike Ricciuti Staff writer, CNET News
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Mike Ricciuti
Oracle (ORCL) will announce new tools today for bringing the vast majority of corporate host-based data to the Web.

The database software giant has inked a deal to license OpenConnect Systems' legacy data-to-Java application connectivity tools and will incorporate them into its Web Application Server and Network Computer client software.

Oracle will license OpenConnect's OC://WebConnect Pro software, which can initiate and maintain a secure connection between host systems and Java applets through standard Web browsers.

The software will be included at no additional charge with Oracle's $3,995 Web Application Server, a combination Web server and component middleware package, and with Oracle subsidiary Network Computer Incorporated's NC Desktop software.

The software gives NC users terminal emulation to host systems alongside Web application access.

Oracle will implement the OpenConnect software as a cartridge that plugs into its Web server.