Oracle apps think big

Oracle begins shipping Web-enabled application software newly outfitted for IBM mainframes.

Oracle (ORCL) today began shipping its new Web-enabled application software, newly outfitted for IBM mainframes.

The more than 30 client-server modules for business applications including financial management, human resources, supply chain management, data warehousing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and manufacturing are now available for IBM's OS/390 mainframe operating system. The applications are accessible via a standard browser.

Oracle made the announcement today at a users' group meeting in San Diego. No pricing was announced.

While predictions of the mainframe's demise have circulated for years, many Fortune 500 companies--with millions invested in mainframe technology--have begun to adapt the massive systems for handling Web-based applications.

Oracle said yesterday that it will Java-enable all of its applications by next spring, which will allow users to redeploy existing client-server systems as intranet applications and build new intranet applications using the company's software.