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On Twitter, Nazi Party becomes Grammar-Nazi Party

America's Nazi Party tweets that disciplined grammar is part of supporting the cause. Except that its own grammar isn't always so perfect.

The Grammaryan Principle. Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you live by the sword of discipline, you die by the razor blade of criticism.

Perfect discipline is, you see, so hard to attain and even harder to maintain on a regular basis.

Few, though, will have sympathy for the plight of the American Nazi Party. Its Twitter plight, that is.

On its pristine feed, the US Nazis offered this exhortation: "It really isn't that difficult to use correct spelling and grammar. Be professional and disciplined in everything that you do for the cause."

Actually, if you go by what's written in most online corners these days, it really is that difficult. The sort of difficult often described as impossible.

Still, I'm sure that the American Nazi Party's more than 5,000 followers clicked their heels together, just like Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz,"and marched to the beat of their new Grammaryan cause.

However, as Slate was dutifully bound to point out, the Grammaryan Nation has stains on its character.

It indicated that on the Nazi Party's own Web site, the FAQ contained this answer: "NS are certainly NOT 'supremacists', rather we are SEPERATISTS - we believe that RACIAL SEPERATION is best for all concerned."

On your behalf, I delved to further answers. For example: "The people are nothing more than WAGE-SLAVES, TAX-COWS, and CANNON-FODDAR to that 3% of the population that control 85% of America's wealth."

I also found the phrase "bye and large," as well as the sentence: "blue birds breed and nest with blue birds, lions breed and band with ONLY other lions - NOT cheeta's, nor puma's, nor tigers..."

Perhaps all of these answers were written before the Grammaryan Nation's new edict. Or perhaps it's hard to live up to your own ideals.

Still, I find myself offering little sympathy to these people. There are many reasons, which hopefully don't need to be fully drawn and quartered.

One reason, however, is the American Nazi Party's latest tweet. It reads: "Leadership by Example."