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Oblix readies software update

The intranet software start-up plans to roll out new versions of its corporate resource management software packages.

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Intranet software start-up Oblix plans to roll out, later in the month, new versions of its corporate resource management software packages which help users organize and simplify business changes and the task of providing corporate services.

Generally available in September, Oblix Corporate Service Center and Corporate Directory take advantage of new Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-based software from Netscape Communications, Novell, and Microsoft. The company sells a software package called Corporate Services Automation (CSA) which is used to automate common human resources and corporate management tasks.

Both Corporate Service Center and Corporate Directory run on Windows NT and Solaris, and support Netscape's Directory Server 3.0.

Oblix uses the term "digital persona" to describe the digital profile of an employee created by its software. By implementing the digital profile, the Oblix CSA packages allow organizations to provide and track resources and services for employees, such as mobile phones, computer equipment, security and email access, and permissions to access corporate applications, the company said.

Although Oblix has competed in the instant-intranet market with companies such as Action Technologies and IntraNetics, analysts see the two new directory tools as unique.

"Oblix is going to have a step ahead because it is focused," said Jeane Phifer, an analyst with the Gartner Group.

With the Corporate Directory tool specifically, Phifer sees many benefits for a business that uses the product to organize corporate changes, such as an employee addition, where new phone, email, and voicemail accounts and equipment allocation use up a lot of paperwork and time.

"Now with these tools, the process can be streamlined significantly," Phifer said.

Pricing for the Oblix Corporate Directory begins at $15 per user, while Oblix Corporate Service Center begins at $20 per user.

Oblix is headed by former Silicon Graphics executive Sandeep Johri.