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Nvidia reveals first 27-inch 3D Acer monitor

The Acer HN274H will be the first 3D-capable monitor to house a 27-inch screen and embed Nvidia's 3D emitter, making a separate emitter unnecessary.

With its large screen and embedded 3D emitter, the Acer HN274H is an exciting prospective 3D display. Nvidia

LAS VEGAS--Nvidia's 3D Vision Kit is the current premiere solution for 3D content on the PC. So far however, the monitors that have supported the technology haven't been impressive beyond their ability to display images at a 120Hz refresh rate.

At CES 2011 this week, Nvidia announced that Acer will soon release a 3D monitor that touts more than just its 3D support as its claim to fame.

According to Nvidia, the Acer HN274H is the first 27-inch monitor for PCs that supports stereoscopic 3D and includes a built-in 3D emitter.

Previously, in order to make use of the 3D Vision Kit, an included, but physically separate, 3D emitter connected to the PC via USB was required. This emitter added to the clutter of using the device, so it's exciting to see Nvidia getting rid of it, at least with the Acer monitor.

The monitor includes a 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution as well as support for dual-link DVI and HDMI 1.4 inputs. It will also be one of the first 3D capable monitors to include a WLED backlight.

We'll have more info on price and availability soon.