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Novonyx ships first products

The Novell-Netscape venture's maiden shipments, including Netscape's server software for Novell's NetWare network OS, are a boost to both companies.

Novonyx, the company formed six months ago by Netscape Communications and Novell, announced today that it is shipping its first products.

Novonyx began shipping Netscape's server software for Novell's NetWare network operating system (OS), adding the first Netscape server applications tailored for Novell. The first product shipments by Novonyx offer a boost to both Novell and Netscape, giving the former much-needed Web-based applications and adding more potential customers for the latter.

Novonyx's rollout of Netscape's server software for Netware--and the additional channel it brings for Netscape servers--is a welcome respite for the embattled Netscape. The company announced today that it will be laying off up to 400 workers this month in a restructuring effort.

Novonyx's first products include Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare, an enterprise Web server for managing and hosting applications; Netscape Messaging Server for NetWare, a messaging system; and Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare, a Web server for smaller workgroups.

Now that the company has rolled out its first products, Novonyx will focus on "improving and enhancing the solutions that we're shipping today, as well as providing more capabilities in the future," said Willy Donahoo, vice president of marketing for Novonyx.

According to Donahoo, the Novonyx products will be sold through Netscape and Novell's distribution channels, as well as through download on the Novonyx Web site. The Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare is priced at $1,295; the Netscape Enterprise Messaging Server for Netware is $1,295 for a 50-user license; and the Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare is $295.

Donahoo says Novonyx's swift launch of its first round of products bodes well for the start-up. "We said we would do this [ship Netscape server software for NetWare] when we formed six months ago," he said. "You've got lots of different types of joint ventures out there--this is one of the few that has worked."