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Novell rolls out GroupWise beta

Novell adds support for Internet collaboration standards to its GroupWise messaging and collaboration software package.

The latest version of Novell's (NOVL) GroupWise messaging and collaboration software package with support for Internet collaboration standards has been released to beta testers.

As previously reported by CNET's NEWS.COM, version 5.2 includes support for standards such as IMAP4, dial-up SMTP/MIME, and POP3. Support for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) on the client and server software sides is also part of the updated package.

Support for Internet-based communications protocols is becoming de riguer for the collaborative software industry, as previously monolithic platforms seek to use the Web to provide services to users. By implementing a protocol potpourri, companies hope to be able to prove to customers that their software can interoperate with other email and collaborative software packages.

Lotus Development, Microsoft, and Netscape Communications are all investing heavily in adding protocol support to their groupware products.

Novell also said support for NNTP and S-MIME will be included within the next few months. Novell's Jefferson Project, which provides document management capabilities, will also find its way into the latest update, though the new tool is not expected to ship with the initial 5.2 release but as an add-on later this year.

Novell said GroupWise users who upgrade to the latest version this fall will receive the same number of 5.2 licenses at no charge.