Novell helps users get published

Novell is shipping products for publishing on intranets and the Internet.

Novell today began shipping products designed to make it easy for users to publish and obtain information on intranets and the Internet.

Novell's InnerWeb Publisher allows users to post internal documents on a corporate site. The product includes the NetWare Web Server 2.5, a browser, a Web-page authoring tool, the NetWare 4.1 Runtime operating system, and an IXP-to-IP translator. TCP/IP doesn't have to be installed on all desktops with the IPX-to-IP translator.

NetWare Web Server 2.5 allows users to browse Novell Directory Services that include user names, email addresses, and URLs, according to Novell officials.

The InnerWeb Publisher retails for $2,495, and NetWare Web Server 2.5 retails for $995. The server is currently available for a ="" href="http://webnlm.novell.com/spinweb/dwnld2.htm" rel="nofollow" class="c-regularLink" target="_blank">free 45-day trial.