Novadigm rolls out EDM upgrade

The new version of Novadigm?s software distribution tool is an effort to expand the breadth of the company?s user base to smaller businesses.

The latest shot fired in the market to push software updates across enterprise networks came today from
Novadigm (NVDM).

The Mahwah, New Jersey-based firm rolled out the new version of Enterprise Desktop Manager (EDM), a sophisticated software distribution tool that allows network managers to send new or revised applications across large networks from a central location.

Lately, Novadigm might be best known for its lawsuit against Marimba. The company alleges that Marimba uses patented Novadigm technology in its software. Legal maneuvering is ongoing in the case.

But the company continues to promote EDM as a useful tool to relieve the headaches associated with software upgrades for large layouts, debuting the new version at its first user conference this week in New Jersey. With EDM 4.0, Novadigm officials say they hope to expand the breadth of its user base to smaller businesses by simplifying the user interface and breaking the distribution-of-software process down to one step.

Novadigm has previously catered to enormous layouts that rely on full-fledged desktops. One large Novadigm customer, BankBoston, recently updated 7,000 desktops with EDM after the banking system gobbled up a large competitor.

The company also announced integration of EDM with large enterprise systems and network management platforms, like those offered by Tivoli Systems, Computer Associates, and Hewlett-Packard, as well as task-specific companies such as asset management specialist Tally Systems.

Silas Matteson, Novadigm's director of marketing, promoted the agreements as evidence that Novadigm is becoming a "better corporate citizen."