Not your father's browsers

Netscape and Microsoft go to 4.0 in the browser wars.

CNET News staff
In a newsy week for browser software, Netscape unbundled Navigator from Communicator and released it as a standalone browser. The company had been under pressure from some partners who have their own groupware suites, such as Lotus Development; Netscape maintained the move had been planned. Users later complained that the unbundled Navigator lacked certain features. Also, Microsoft continued its marketing campaign for Internet Explorer 4.0, currently in beta, by announcing its ship date.

Users weigh in on Navigator
By Alex Lash
Netscape may have pleased its industry partners by unbundling Navigator from the Communicator suite, but the reaction from users is mixed.

Netscape add-ons work remotely
By Alex Lash
The company discloses its timetable to give Navigator 4.0 users email and calendar capabilities for the new standalone browser.

IE 4 to ship September 30
By Alex Lash
Microsoft announces that Internet Explorer 4.0 will be publicly available on September 30.

Navigator split from Communicator
By Alex Lash
Saying it was planned all along, Netscape offers a standalone version of its browser that includes push software but no email client.