Nokia's nice little speakers

The Nokia MD-8 speakers let you make a party with your music phone.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
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Kent German
Nokia shows its MD-8 speakers Kent German/CBS Interactive

If you've followed me at CES over the last couple of years, you'll know that I'm a sucker for cell phone speakers. It's an odd passion, I know, but I like how they make your music phone that much more useful.

We've reviewed a selection of Nokia speakers, including the MD-6 and the MD-7W. Both performed admirably, so I was eager to seek out new models at Nokia's bright CES booth. There I found the Nokia MD-8 speakers attached to a Nokia 5310 Xpress Music phone.

The MD-8 speakers have a oval design in white or black. They come as one unit, but they're compact (4.7 inches tall by 1.6 inches wide by 1.1 inches deep) and lightweight (4.23 ounces including the required three AA batteries).

The MD-8 speakers require a wired connection to your phone, but the 2.5-inch cord has ample length. What's more, it uses a 3.5mm plug. Nokia says the speakers have 40 hours of battery life. We'll try to get them in soon for a review.