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No iPads at Sept. 10 iPhone event, say observers

New iPads will come later in the year after the expected September 10 iPhone 5S and 5C event, according to Apple experts and observers.

The rumored iPad 5 with a Mini-like bezel will likely be announced at a later date.
Rumored iPad 5 Mini-like bezel. The new 9.7-inch iPad and iPad Mini will likely be announced later.
Sonny Dickson

Don't expect a new iPad 5 or iPad Mini at the expected September 10 Apple event -- that's the consensus of Apple experts and observers.

After rumors surface Wednesday claiming that new iPads would be announced alongside new iPhones, Apple blogs responded: No.

9to5Mac said that "it contradicts everything we've heard thus far about Apple's fall iOS Device launch plans from our sources."

AppleInsider also chimed in: "Last year, the iPhone 5 was unveiled at a media event in September, while the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad were introduced to the public in October. It's likely that Apple will follow a similar schedule this year."

Other Apple enthusiast blogs were more succinct: "Nope. No iPads," said The Loop.

The 9.7-inch iPad 5 is expected to borrow design elements from the iPad Mini (see bezel photo above) and be thinner and lighter than the iPad 4. The new iPad Minis may include a non-Retina model with an updated processor and, later, a Retina iPad Mini.