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NFL to re-air Super Bowl commercials

Fans of the Super Bowl ads can view them on the NFL cable network, video-on-demand service, the Web or their cell phones.

Marguerite Reardon Former senior reporter
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Marguerite Reardon
If you love all those funny commercials that debut during the Super Bowl, but can't stand watching the actual game, the NFL has just the solution.

The National Football League is giving fans of Super Bowl commercials a way to see all the new ads without sitting through the entire game. The league announced Monday that after the game ends on Feb. 5, it would re-air the commercials shown during ABC's broadcast of Super Bowl XL.

Fans will have several options for viewing the commercials. They'll be able to watch the special advertising program on the NFL cable channel, its video-on-demand service, the league's Web site, NFL.com or cell phones. The NFL Network will not air any of its normal commercials during the special. Instead it will air the show that is entirely made up of advertisements that appeared during the game.

The Super Bowl commercials will be broadcast six times between Monday and Tuesday next week on the NFL cable channel and on Sprint's mobile network. From midnight Sunday night through Sunday Feb. 12, the NFL will also offer the program as a video on demand option for digital cable subscribers. The program will also be available during this time on its Internet site NFL.com and through the Sprint mobile network.

ABC and its cable channel ESPN also plan to let viewers see the Super Bowl ads again. A select number of commercials will be available on ESPN.com and ESPN360 for several days following the game.