New year brings new wave of PC worms

Thought you'd get a respite from computer worms and Trojan horses? Think again. A new crop of viruses are out to hack your hard drive and inundate your in-box.

CNET News staff
2001: Year of the "junkyard" virus
Virtuoso worm writing has gone out of style. If you could use a PC in 2001, it seemed, you could write a worm to cripple corporate e-mail servers. Did you?
January 3, 2002 
AOL plugs AIM security hole
update The company boards up an opening in its AOL Instant Messenger application that experts say could have provided wiggle room for a widespread and destructive worm.
January 3, 2002 
File-sharing programs carry Trojan horse
update Popular file-sharing programs Grokster and Limewire are privacy time bombs, say computer experts who found "spyware" bundled with the downloads.
January 2, 2002 
Worm targets security software
The Maldal.D worm, also known as "ZaCker," deletes files associated with popular antivirus programs and files using common extensions such as .exe, .doc and .jpg.
January 2, 2002 
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The root of the problem: Bad software
newsmaker Security analyst Gary McGraw is concerned that market demands are pushing software companies to build complex applications that are sure to be shot through with security holes.
November 28, 2001