New Novell Linux gains Oracle certification

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 wins certification from database market leader.

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Novell's , released in August, has received certification from a key software partner, Oracle, a database market leader with an aggressive Linux alliance effort. Oracle 9i and 10g are certified to work on SLES 9 running on servers using 32-bit x86 processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, the company said Tuesday.

In addition, Oracle 10g also is certified on SLES 9 servers using Intel's Itanium, IBM's Power and x86 processors with 64-bit memory extensions. Oracle 9i certification for Itanium and 64-bit x86 is planned for the end of the year. SLES 9 also supports Oracle's Application Server software for running Java server programs, its Real Application Clusters for sharing a database across multiple less-expensive servers, its Collaboration Suite for tasks such as e-mail, and Oracle E-Business Suite for business tasks such as accounting and inventory control.