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New Mac Pros, Minis due this summer

The offerings from Apple should arrive by early August and feature Intel's Sandy Bridge processor architecture and Thunderbolt data ports, sources say.

Apple is getting ready to unveil new Mac Pros and Mac Minis with more Intel hardware inside, sources tell my colleague Brian Tong.

The new computers will be powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge processor architecture and will ship by the beginning of August, the sources say. The gadgets will also feature Thunderbolt data ports, Intel's high-speed connector technology, and Mac OS X Lion, the source said.

It's unknown whether cosmetic changes are in the works, and no other information about specifications or configurations was available.

The update would be in keeping with changes Apple made its line of iMacs in May, when it added Intel's second-generation quad-core Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs (former code-named Sandy Bridge) as well as Thunderbolt data ports. They also match updates Apple made to the MacBook Pro line earlier this year.

Thunderbolt debuted with the updated MacBook Pros and offers a new, bidirectional data port designed to simplify external device connections to laptop and desktop computers. The standard supports both data and video throughput simultaneously with the appropriate connectors.