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New iPad Mini model hits the Web, but is it the real thing?

The device looks to have a similar design to those cases that have already been leaked onto the Internet.

The current incarnation of the iPad.

Apple's iPad Mini doesn't even exist, but yet another mockup of the device's appearance has surfaced.

Chinese tech site BoLoPad today published photos of what it claims is the iPad Mini. The images show a 7.85-inch tablet with an aluminum back casing. That casing includes the Apple logo, a hole for a camera, and the typical iPad markings, including the device's storage amount and legal jargon.

Alleged iPad Mini image BoloPad

When examined at different angles, the device appears to resemble those leaked already, with the small Lightning connector on the bottom flanked by two speaker ports. One of the sides has volume buttons, while the top has the lock button. A headphone port also sits atop the device.

From the front, the tablet comes with the typical black bezel found in Apple's current slates, and has a physical home button.

iPad Mini casings have been hitting the Web at a surprisingly rapid rate over the last several weeks. Earlier this month, in fact, a purported iPad Mini back casing surfaced with designs that looked nearly identical to those from BoLoPad.

The iPad Mini leaks seem to be following the same trajectory as the iPhone 5, which proved to be one of the worst-kept secrets in tech. The device was leaking onto the Web months before its arrival, making the actual unveiling a bit less breathless.

As for this latest mockup? As with all others, it's tough to say if it's legit. Even worse, there's no way of telling right now if Apple will actually unveil the iPad Mini next month, as expected. However, the signs seem to be pointing toward it.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the images. We will update this story when we have more information.

(Via AppleInsider)