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New Intel CEO reiterates: $300 laptops on the way

Intel is going to focus more on its mobile Atom chips and push into low-cost markets, its new chief executive says.

New Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.
New Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Intel is going to double down on its Atom processors for mobile products, leading to more low-cost laptops, the company's CEO said during Intel's second-quarter earnings conference call on Wednesday.

Intel will make mobile Atom chips an equal partner with its mainstream PC processors and will push Atom into sub-$300 laptops and convertibles and $150 tablets, said new CEO Brian Krzanich.

"We're putting much, much [more] effort on Atom," he said.

The first major new Atom product to launch under Krzanich will be "Bay Trail" -- a completely redesigned Atom that gets closer to mainstream Intel Core i series chips in performance.

"Bay Trail allows us to get into these markets that we aren't a big way today. We expect to see touch-enabled clam shells [laptops] coming down to the $300 range, convertibles [tablet-laptop hybrid] to the sub-$400 range," Krzanich said.

He added that Bay Trail-based tablets may even get down to $150.

Stacy Smith, Intel's chief financial officer, said Intel tablet "volume" will quadruple from the first quarter this year to the fourth quarter.

Intel reported second-quarter earnings Wednesday. The chipmaker said revenue fell to $12.8 billion, down from $13.5 billion in the same period last year.