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New images of iPad 5 screen, digitizer crop up

The images show a display featuring thin bezels on either side and thicker borders to the top and bottom.

Is this the iPad 5's next screen?
Is this the iPad 5's next screen?
Macfixit Australia

Images purporting to show a replacement screen for the next-generation iPad 5 have surfaced.

Macfixit Australia, a company that provides parts for Apple products, published photos recently of what it claims is an iPad 5 screen/digitizer replacement. The company received the images from its supplier, which said it is the new iPad 5 display.

The images seem to show a display that looks more similar to the iPad Mini than the current-generation, full-sized iPad. The replacement part shows a screen with thin bezels to the left and right, and thicker borders at the top and bottom.

According to Macfixit, the part includes the same screen size -- 9.7 inches -- as the current model. Internally, the display will feature new connectors, called Flexible Printed Circuits, like those found in the iPhone 5. Previous iPads used Flat Flexible Cable.

Macfixit didn't provide information on when the screens would be available or when the iPad 5 might launch. The replacement part comes with a suggested price of 249 Australian dollars ($229).

(Via Macrumors)