New IBM chip at Macworld

The computing giant introduces a faster PowerPC processor, and new systems from Apple are expected to follow soon.

SAN FRANCISCO--IBM (IBM) has introduced a faster PowerPC processor to kick off the Macworld Expo trade show, and new systems from Apple are expected to follow soon.

IBM has announced a 275-MHz version of Special coverage: All the Mac's a stage the PowerPC 750 processor, as reported last week by CNET's NEW.COM. Currently, the fastest PowerPC 750 runs at 266 MHz.

While not representing a large increase in speed, the four-percent performance boost compared to previous PowerPC chips will mean faster performance than a system with an Intel's top-of-the-line 300-MHz Pentium II, IBM claims.

The PowerPC 750 processor, first introduced in August of this year, offers performance equivalent to or better than the PowerPC 604e, which is used in workstation-class computers.

Apple Computer (AAPL) is expected to introduce a refreshed Power Macintosh G3 system with the new chip by February or March, according to sources.

Also, at Macworld, Newer Technology is expected to begin offering the new chip in a processor upgrade card for older Macs.