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New face for Post.Office

Software.com's new Post.Office email server, which purports to be the most widely used Internet mail system, has new features and a free ten-user license.

A new version of Software.com's Post.Office email server is available today with new features and a free ten-user license, the company announced.

Version 2.0 will add the following features:

--Limits on the size of users' mailboxes and on the size of incoming messages to a mailbox.
--Display of users' mailbox sizes and parameters.
--Better display of mail queue errors.
--Routing of outgoing mail to alternate ports to allow gateways to run on the same machine as the mail server.
--Ability to use Windows NT user name/password pairs.

Administrators can manage the Post.Office email server via a Web browser to manage user accounts and change system configurations.

The company declares that the software is among the most widely used Internet mail systems. Post.Office is licensed for use in third-party email servers from Netscape, Qualcomm (makers of the Eudora email program), and NetManage.

Post.Office 2.0 supports all Internet messaging standards, including SMTP, MIME, and POP3. It is currently available for Windows NT. Unix versions will follow in the next 30 days. Pricing beyond the ten free users range from $14.90 per user to $1.99 per user depending upon the size of the license package.

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