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New database will allow Net searches

Sybase inked deals with Netscape and Verity for a database that can be searched online.

Sybase today signed deals with Netscape Communications and Verity to develop technology to create a database of documents that users can search on the Internet.

Sybase will integrate Verity's text search engine into its forthcoming Adaptive Server object/relational version of its SQL Server database, set to enter beta testing this fall. Sybase also intends to resell Netscape's line of Web servers and to integrate them into its full-scale relational database SQL Server and the new Adaptive Server. The combination of technologies will provide a foundation for large databases that contain all kinds of information--text, objects, and the traditional relational data stored in tables--all accessible to users through the Net.

Sybase has in the past come under fire from analysts and users for being slow to adopt cutting-edge Web and object technologies. Competitors, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Informix Software, have already outlined plans to give large corporate databases Web capabilities.

Informix, for example, said today that an updated version of its Web DataBlade module, a tool for building Web applications tied to the company's Illustra Server database, is set to ship in July. The new version, priced at $675 per user, improves performance of applications by replacing CGI (common gateway interface) access in favor of using the Netscape API and Microsoft API to access Web servers, a much faster method for getting data from the database to the Web server.