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Netscape now--for free

The company will give away its Navigator browser and the source code for the next generation of its Communicator suite.

California, Mountain View, Netscape Sign In Disrepair In Silicon Valley
A 2002 shot of Netscape headquarters in Mountain View, California.
Jeff Greenberg

roundup  In an apparently unprecedented move, Netscape Communications will give away its Navigator browser, confirming rumors over the last several weeks. It also will give away the source code for the next generation of its Communicator suite--a move designed to strike at the heart of rival Microsoft's Web development strategy. This NEWS.COM special coverage analyzes the implications for Netscape and the industry.

Communicator to become freeware
lead story Netscape Communications says it will hand out its browser free and will give away the source code of the next generation of its Communicator suite.

A bold or desperate move?
news analysis In reacting to Netscape's announcement, many developers are cautiously optimistic, while the financial community remains skeptical. 

PC makers rethink Netscape
news analysis Despite the Microsoft settlement and Netscape's move to give away its browser, it is unclear whether computer makers will change their ways.

Net elated over giveaway
Many cheer Netscape Communications' decision to offer its browser free and to make the next generation of Communicator's source code available.

Editors' note, Jan. 24, 2018: We've updated this roundup with a new photo and to clean up broken links. 

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