Netgear intros universal Wi-Fi range extender

Netgear debuts a new universal Wi-Fi range extender.

Dong Ngo SF Labs Manager, Editor / Reviews
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Dong Ngo
The universal Wi-Fi range extender, WN300RP, from Netgear.
The universal Wi-Fi range extender, WN300RP, from Netgear. Netgear

LAS VEGAS--If you have a large house or apartment, it's tricky to get the Wi-Fi signal to every corner. Even when you have the most powerful wireless router, the range never seems to be far enough.

This has been an ongoing issue with consumers, but Netgear offered a new and easy solution today by announcing its new universal Wi-Fi range extender, the WN3000RP.

The device increases the coverage of an existing home wireless network by automatically extending the signal of the network to which it is connected. According to Netgear, all consumers need to do is place the product between the router and areas of the home where additional Wi-Fi signal is needed.

The WN3000RP comes in a compact wall-plugged design, much like that of a powerline adapter. It can automatically connect to an existing Wi-Fi network via Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It also comes with an Ethernet port, making it also work like a bridge, in case users want to connect an Ethernet-ready device to the wireless network.

The extender supports 300Mbps Wireless-N and comes with regular features found in most wireless access points.

The universal Wi-Fi range extender WN3000RP will be available in March for an estimated price of $100.